Tampa police arrest 7 men for prostitution related offenses

TAMPA — Tampa police arrested seven men on charges of soliciting prostitution.

The arrests spanned an eight-hour period starting at 9 p.m. Friday on Nebraska Avenue between 25th Avenue and E Kirby Street.

Police said that seven men offered an undercover police officer between $20 and $40 for sex. Another man was charged with precursor act to soliciting prostitution after he asked an undercover officer to expose her breast to prove she wasn’t with the police, an arrest affidavit states.

Arrested were Tampa residents Jad Subhi Abdel Aziz, 31; Calvin Morgan Cambridge, 53; George Elwood Dunnavant, 50; Stanley Houston, 61; Carlos E. Larrota Santa Cruz, 39; and Carlos N. Ortega, 45; and Suad Turkic, 50, of St. Petersburg.

Aubrey Michael Williams, 20, of Tampa, was charged with precursor act to soliciting prostitution.

They were booked into the Orient Road Jail.


  1. Are they still inpounding the johns vehicles?

    Not in my backyard

    7:59 AM

  2. After Bob Buckhorn left office, I think they stopped doing it. It was a HUGE success during that time though. I think they impounded thousands of cars and the forfeture fines were used to fund other police related activities. They need to bring it back.


    5:29 AM

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