Dog Park Loses Neighborhood Support.

Good Morning everyone,

Thank you for your patience allowing SSHCA time to collect final votes, count them and develop a final position. At this time, the overwhelming majority were against a dog park in Rivercrest and consequently SSHCA’s official position is that we do not support the measure. However, we have asked that funds be allocated towards drinking fountains with a bowl for dogs at the bottom and a few additional benches to encourage the social aspect of our beautiful park. Additionally, several of you brought concerns about the condition of the seawall and docks and we have brought those forward as well. We will be e-mailing a copy of the letter to our members in the near future. If you have any questions or concerns, please private message us or e-mail

Also, please know that John Allen and the Tampa Parks and Recreation Team appreciated your turnout on Tuesday, July 8th and the feedback that was provided. They were especially happy to hear how loved our park is! John has confirmed to SSHCA that there will be no additional movement for developing a dog park in Rivercrest.

Donna – South Seminole Heights President

Dog Park Debate continues in South Seminole Heights


Tampa, Florida — “It would be a great place for a dog park,” said one resident.

“At the moment, I wouldn’t support a dog park,” said another.

Passion and poison for a dog park, and it didn’t take long before the fur started to fly.

“Hey! One second! He is not just a dog! I love him!,” shouted Mauricio Rosas, taking offense at a woman comments that pets aren’t people.

It was a packed house for a public meeting Tuesday night in historic South Seminole Heights. Resident after resident stepped up to say they want no bark in the park, and their opinions were firm.

Informer, not neighbor complaints, led up to fatal Tampa pot raid

TAMPA — Before the sirens and stretcher arrived on a hot night in May, there had been only one call to police about 906 W Knollwood St. It came from the house’s renter, Jason Westcott, and he was looking for help.

A man who had partied at Westcott’s home was plotting to rob him. An itinerant motorcycle mechanic, Westcott didn’t have much — two televisions and a handgun that once belonged to his brother were perhaps the most valuable possessions in his 600-square-foot house in Seminole Heights — but he was terrified by his would-be intruder’s threats to kill him.

Police tracked down the suspect and warned him to stay away. Westcott, those close to him said, was left with a word of advice from the investigating officers: If anyone breaks into this house, grab your gun and shoot to kill.

On the night of May 27, as armed men streamed through his front door, Westcott grabbed his gun. But the 29-year-old didn’t have a chance to shoot before he died in a volley of gunfire. And those who killed him weren’t robbers.

They were police officers from the same agency he had enlisted to protect his home.

In the span of a few months, Westcott had become the target of an intensive drug investigation. On that Tuesday in May — a night when he typically baby­sat his sister’s children at his house, according to his mother — he was fatally shot by a Tampa Police Department SWAT team executing a search warrant for marijuana.

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Check FDOT’s 511 For July Fourth Holiday Travel Updates

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TALLAHASSEE – Motorists can expect more than 1.8 million Florida residents to drive 50 miles or more during the Independence Day holiday weekend, with the majority of travelers planning to leave Wednesday, July 2, and return Sunday, July 6, according to AAA. During the busy holiday weekend, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) encourages travelers to check its 511 Traveler Information System to stay up to date on crashes, congestion, construction and more on all of Florida’s interstates, toll roads and other major metropolitan roadways.

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Neighbors weigh in on potential dog park

The proposed dog park discussion goes public! Recently, with the revised dog park plan, the Henry Olay park plan shifted to Rivercrest park. However, many South Seminole Heights neighbors are not “rolling over” just yet. With many neighbors, the thoughts of fencing in the gem of their neighborhood does not sit well. Friday night, neighbors weighed in on WTSP 10 News. CLICK HERE TO SEE STORY

What are your thoughts? Do you support or oppose? Until Monday!

Bicycle advice from neighbor

Emailed from a neighbor to post:

FYI for all in Semi Heigh Area especially SE..TPD is now doing a night watch via bicycles. If you or anyone you know rides a bike after dark make sure you have a front headlight and a red tail light, not just reflectors. Also it is now required to register your bicycle with the PD. It is a good idea to carry some kind of identification because if you are stopped they will ask for your ID and run your bike vin number through the data base and if there is no problem they will cite you for whatever violation and advise you have 10 days to register your bike. The reason for the registration is because of all the heavy theft with bicycles. Also if you ride a scooter or motorcycle it is a federal law you must wear some kind of eye wear. It can be sunglasses, regular eye glasses, goggles, etc. They will stop you even at night..believe me they can spot you even in the dark. I know this personally as I was pulled over after I left the gas station and forgot to put them back on. The yellow, red or blue ones are great for cloudy days as they brighten your sight view. If you are stopped for this they will cite you and not let you leave with the scooter/motorcycle until you have eye wear on. The main reason is because of dust particles, bugs, etc. that can cause you to lose control and drop your scooter/motorcycle. You think it is bad when you have a bug decide to fly into your mouth, just try one with a bug flying into your eye at 40 mph.

As many know I live near the church on osborne and that is the local hang out for most of them and this is where they are parking when they start on their bike ride.

Also code enforcement doesn’t just work M-F during the day they will stop and take pictures and cite the house the next morning with tickets. They cited the house down the street on a Saturday night at 11 pm for that weird aluminum foil on roof situation with a neighbor.

I wish they would cite the shade tree mechanic on Osborne that has a painted piece of plywood in the front yard advising they he is a certified mechanic. Or the boarding house on Osborne that is full of nasty old men.

WMNF Board Changes

Thank you to everyone for all you do to make this the best little radio on the planet. It is your devoted efforts that are responsible for our great success of 35 years. I would like to share the following announcement to ensure your awareness of a recent Board decision.

Dr. Sydney White, our General Manager, has been on administrative leave, and the Board of Directors would like to inform you that Dr. White will no longer be the General Manager of WMNF. Dr. White brought a great deal of fresh thinking and valuable experience to the station. We wish him the best in his future endeavors, and we are sincerely grateful for his service.
Cindy Reichard, the Director of Finance and Adminstration, has been named Interim General Manager. You will be updated on management changes as they ensue. The entire family of WMNF continues to look forward to a positive and exciting future, and know that all of your contributions to Community Conscious Radio is important and greatly appreciated.

Southern Brewing and Tampa Bay Markets Collaborate on Seminole Heights Summer Market Series

Southern Brewing and Tampa Bay Markets Collaborate on Seminole Heights Summer Market Series

Tampa, FL, June 20, 2014 –(– Southern Brewing & Winemaking (Southern) has teamed up with Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market for Seminole Heights Market at Southern – a series of three markets through the summer.

This market will be a smaller version of the bigger Sunday Morning Market that is held during the months of October through May at Hillsborough High School each year and will offer space to 30 local vendors who sell a mixture of agricultural & farm related products, take home foods, ready to eat foods, local art and hand crafts.

The Market will be held on the 2nd Sunday of each month and will begin starting this coming July 13th and will return on August 10th and September 14th. The hours have been adjusted for the summer and the market will operate from 11am – 4pm.

Southern will have special event glassware for sale at the markets. For just $5 a glass, the event glassware will get attendees discounts on beer for the July, August, and September markets. Southern has also collaborated with Florida Avenue Ales, another local Seminole Heights brewery, to brew a special beer to be release at the July market.

The market will be hosted on site at Southern Brewing in Seminole Heights and is pet friendly, open to all ages, and free to attend. Velo champ and the Seminole Heights bike club will be offering bike valet for each market through the summer. Markets will run rain or shine.

The Seminole Heights Market at Southern is sponsored by Creative Loafing Tampa. For more information on attending or becoming a vendor, visit Southern’s Facebook Page or visit

About Tampa Bay Markets
Tampa Bay Markets is a locally run organization that concentrates on supporting tourism and economic development in the region by providing a profitable retail outlet for local agriculture producers, artisans, crafters, food vendors and their goods.

They have five markets that currently run in various locations across Tampa.

About Southern Brewing & Winemaking
Located in Seminole Heights, Southern Brewing & Winemaking is a small, local craft brewery that makes and serves beers, ciders, meads, and sodas on site. The taproom has 24 taps and is located inside the conjoined homebrewing and winemaking supply shop.

Southern Brewing & Winemaking brings in weekly food trucks and musicians, offers monthly classes on home brewing, and hosts events throughout the year in their newly redesigned biergarten.

Until Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

South Seminole Heights Civic Association

Make plans to attend the next South Seminole Heights Civic Association general Membership.


Master Gardener – Rain Barrels

Join us for the next Master Gardener talk at the Seminole Heights Library on Monday, June 23 at 6:30 p.m. to learn how to harvest some of the rain we receive during our summer afternoon showers!

Hillsborough County residents who attend the workshop will receive a voucher for a free rain barrel which can be redeemed at the Extension office. Limited to one rain barrel per household.

If you attended a rain barrel workshop and received a rain barrel, you are not eligible for another rain barrel.