Seminole Heights Eatery featured on Fox News

Feature story on Fox 13 News:

“I really love Seminole Heights a lot!”

It’s also Logan Crumpton’s favorite Tampa neighborhood to find good eats.

“Rooster is my new favorite, I would say,” as he sat at the bar at Rooster & the Till.

The restaurant, which opened up about six months ago, serves up just the right concoction of creative cooking and savory simplicity for Logan’s palette.

“He takes a lot of ingredients that are indigenous to Tampa and he makes spin with a nod to avant garde cooking.”

Logan’s love affair with food blogging began with a road trip with his brother in law.

“Everybody can claim to be a food blogger. The internet has allowed that.”

What sets him apart? His writing, Logan says.

“We want to tell a story, we want to paint a picture, we want it to be funny and we have a lot of pop culture references.”

Chef Brian Lampe, sous chef at Rooster & the Till, says they appreciate the write ups, “We’re very fortunate, we get a lot of love.”

However, like his cooking, he takes it all in with a grain of salt.

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Best of the Bay

It’s that time of year again. Time to sweep the Creative Loafing “Best of the Bay” awards. Every year, the list of Seminole Heights’ business continue to dominate many categories. Take time to vote for your favorite. Have a tip to share with your neighbors, do it here!



Neighbor seeks advice on Bed and Breakfast

Emailed from a reader:

My business partner and I (who both reside in OSH) would like to open a Bed and Breakfast or an Inn in the neighborhood. From what I can tell, unless the property is near Florida or Nebraska, it would have to be re-zoned. Do you have any idea?

Update: 11 year old driver dies

The 11 year old girl hit by the white panel van at 15th and Osborne hit and run has died at Tampa General Hospital. The girl was hit while riding her bike. She was dragged the van for 3 blocks. The driver left the scene.

Seminole Heights Hit and Run

Tampa Police are looking for late model van in connection with hit in run accident at 15th and Osborne Ave. A young girl was taken to TGH with life threatening injuries. The police said they are looking for late 80s or early 90s model van.

Fodder and Shine Needs Your Help

Alright everybody. We NEED YOUR HELP! We have our Wet Zoning hearing scheduled with City Council members Thursday, July 31st at 10:30 am. Can you send City Council an email of support or attend the hearing?
You can email ALL City of Tampa Council members emails of support at Please use reference number AB2-14-23 Fodder & Shine in your correspondence and tell them what hours you would like to see us open until.

We are hoping to be awarded later hours so that we can service the vast amount of people who dine/ drink Late Night. There is a whole lotta Late Night Workers who live in Seminole Heights (hospitality, nurses, fireman, police man, doctors…even accountants during tax season!!!) and have little options to enjoy a cocktail and dinner after work. Our full liquor bar will feature an AWESOME Late Night menu! And we will boast the biggest parking lot in Seminole Heights!!! And, to show how good of neighbors we are going to be: we’ve already conceded we will NOT allow any live music outside; day or night.

It’s not widely known how this process works. The State of Florida has declared liquor service for all establishments to end by 3am BUT it is the local City Council Members who award the actual hours. They strive to make their decisions based on what the residents actually want. So, YOUR VOICE COUNTS!
Of course, we will give a big HUG to everyone who sends an email of support!!!!

More Murals along Nebraska


The burgeoning art scene in Seminole Heights continues to grow. Nebraska Avenue gains another mural along the busy corridor. Popular artist Sebastian Coolidge was commissioned to paint the newest art piece installed one block north of Martin Luther King Blvd on Nebraska. Sebastian Coolidge gained Seminole Heights attention with his Eye catching murals painted for Pabst Blue Ribbon along Florida and Nebraska Avenues.

Neighbor seeks with with Plaster Repair

Neighbor seeks help with plaster repair.

Like many of your readers, we have adopted a wonderful old house, and are now 22 years into our 2-year renovation plan. We are searching for a craftsman who can do plaster repair, and are wondering if any of your readers have had a good experience with one and can share a recommendation

Taste of the Heights Tickets on sale now

The Seminole Heights Taste of the Heights Tickets are officially on sale!

Organizers for the popular Taste of the Heights event announced Thursday that tickets would be available until August 15th for all Seminole Heights residents. The event is one of Seminole Heights most popular events. In its fifth consecutive year, The Taste of the Heights is sponsored by the Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association. The Taste features chefs from nearly all of the Seminole Heights popular eateries. “With Seminole Heights becoming Tampa’s most popular Foodie destination, the event now gets guests from all over the city to come try many of them all at once” said Stan Lasater, President of Southeast Seminole Heights and one of the events organizers. “This is a great way to promote our neighborhood and get visitors that normally wouldn’t come into Seminole Heights to discover the neighborhood, the hospitality and the many great businesses we have here.” continued Lasater.

To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy each restaurant, the Taste is limited to 500 tickets. Each year the event sells out quickly. Tickets are promoted throughout Seminole Heights for the first two weeks of sales each year. After August 15th, they are then promoted city-wide and sell out quickly. This year the organizers are anticipating selling out by September 1st.

With hopes of cooler weather, the event has been pushed back to November 2, 2014. Tickets are available online only and may be purchased at Guest can purchase tickets via Paypal or by credit card. Guest will then bring their receipt to the ticket location on the day of the event to exchange for armbands and a tour map.

Each stop includes food from local restaurants and chefs, beer, wine and live entertainment.

Prior tours featured fare from The Refinery, Reservations Gourmet to Go, Ella’s, The Front Porch, the original Taco Bus, Reservations Gourmet to Go, 3 Coins Diner and more!

If you would like to purchase tickets click here.

Fodder and Shine – Seminole Heights newest eatery has opening date time frame

TAMPA — Restaurateur Michelle Baker’s cellphone is blowing up with Facebook messages. A great-grandmother of a pioneering Florida Cracker cattle family has a hand-me-down recipe for squirrel stew to share, as well as stories about foodways that disappear with every generation.

Baker and her chef husband, Greg, became amateur culinary historians after they decided the menu for their upcoming restaurant in Seminole Heights, Fodder & Shine, would draw inspiration from the ingredients and cooking style of Florida’s pioneers, from pre-Civil War to the Depression. Much of that cooking heritage was maintained by Florida Cracker cattle families who had to make the most of limited ingredients in a rugged land.

“It’s a largely undocumented time,” Michelle Baker said. “We’ve been reaching out to people who have old lineage in Florida. Oral histories. Family cookbooks.”

Construction on Fodder began this week at the site of a former body shop and dry cleaner at 5910 N. Florida Ave., about a half-mile north of Hillsborough Avenue. The 8,400-square-foot, 116-seat restaurant and bar is expected to open in November.

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